Plasma Physics Division

  • Kinetic Modeling of Cyclotron Heating
  • Passive Cyclotron Current Drive

Many Body Physics Group

The Many Body Physics Group's research concentrates on condensed matter theory. In particular, we investigate equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of systems with strong correlations, such as high-temperature superconducting cuprates and pnictides, manganates, oxide heterostructures, nanostructured devices, as well as "artificial" crystals obtained by ultracold atoms in optical lattices. We employ a variety of methods, ranging from fully ab-initio density functional calculations, to mixed DFT+many body approaches such as dynamical mean-field theory or the cluster-embedding methods, to Matrix Product State techniques for model Hamiltonians. We also work on the development of new algorithms for the numerical simulation of correlated electron systems. Here is a list of our current research topics:

Our research is supported by several projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF):

National and international Collaborations

Abteilung für Mathematische und Angewandte Theoretische Physik

  • Antenna Theory by Numeric Field Calculations
  • Electromagnetic Fields of Charges Moving in Structures
  • Theoretical Atomic Spectroscopy
  • Computing and Plotting Static Electromagnetic Field Distributions by Conformal Maps with the Help of Mathematica
  • Atom- und Molekülspektroskopie und Quantenoptik